2023-01-12   – America in chaos

Today in Congress we started out at 9am with a discussion on H.R. 22 – “Prohibiting the Secretary of Energy from sending petroleum products from the Strategic Petroleum Reserve to China and for other purposes.”   It passed and moves to the Senate where it will sit.  However, as a news personality said this morning, it’s a start.

What I found amusing was all the whining from the left over past issues that in actuality were their own creations.  It’s almost 24/7 comedy show at the White House.  As a last note, I’d like to see the Senate now start stepping up and being more bold.

The new Speaker of the House, Kevin McCarthy was to remove 3 from their committees today, per ABC .  The three are:

Minnesota Rep. Ilhan Omar, California Reps. Adam Schiff and Eric Swalwell

The whole 18 minute press conference was very informative. House Speaker Kevin McCarthy addressed their plans <here>

On another note, more documents in more places are popping up in the “Biden document” corner. It’s not like they were out on the street, Joe Biden said, assuring it HAD TO BE secure, his Vet was also locked up in that garage.  He didn’t know about them and then they were inadvertently misplaced.  Whatever the excuse, The Vice President of the United States does not the right to remove documents.  PERIOD.  He has NO authority or right to have had possession of ANY  White House documents.

Oh yes, and to back up,

Yesterday there was discussion on how horrible gas stoves were and should be removed by 2030.  By afternoon, the White House was back stepping any consideration.   SURPRISE!!!!     This morning they are “studying” it.  New York’s Governor is pushing for this radical move so evidently she already did her study.  What’s the pay off for them?

Then to move back forward… I have not heard any news on Brazil.  My dream would be the military take over, lock up the Criminal Lula, examine the machine data… and go from there … My fear is the Uni-party has taken hold again.   Praying for Brazil.

Biden also vowed he would not sign any bill removing the 87K IRS agents today… What a surprise there, eh?

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