So much is happening it’s getting hard to keep up with what HAS happened as well as what;s dropping daily.

I believe rumors started floating on Twitter yesterday that Schiff, Swawell, and Omar will be relieved of their committee seats.  Compromised security risks, I think.

Then let’s have a little insanity thrown in…

Some organization has decided gas ovens/stoves in homes COULD be a POTENTIAL cause of asthma in children.  Let’s set a date when they all need to be removed for everyone’s homes.

Stop right there…… Get out of my house and mind your biz.  This is getting out of hand ….. SERIOUSLY OUT OF HAND  – but wait… there is more for today…..

We have Biden’s hidden files at a University, Penn, paid for by the CCP, so is being said.  There will be investigations and cover ups on this, so I will come back on another day.  The Docs cover Ukraine, Iran and UK as far as the news goes today.  Also, the gossip of the day claims $54 mil is the figure paid to Penn for the Biden office which may be what they are calling “Penn Biden Center for Diplomacy and Global Engagement” according to the Nypost  Biden also evidently received

Today the House voted on 2 Bills..


The one the Left will vote against:  H Res 12 – Left does NOT want to be investigated for what many of them know has been going on, the suppression,

Poor Jim McGovern, Rep From Mass, Rules Committee Ranking Member argued could hardly speak, he was so upset at the thought.  I wish I had counted the number of times he and others mentioned President Trump.  It’s “Trump’s fault”… anything everything and just the thought of any investigation taking away that focus would be devastation.

Just some snippets of his panic in a number of times he spoke:

… It’s going to be a bad idea….  
6 ask for Pardon of Trump… so now they pardon themselves.

But they’re going to investigate ongoing investigations. 
It’s only going to hinder the investigation of Trump….  It’s a witch hunt….
The epitome of corruption.

Resident Biden stopped by for phot ops in El Paso, Tx and toured a lovely cleaned up border then scooted on to Mexico City to meet with Trudeau (Canada)  and the President of Mexico.  This is a rather odd meeting for me until I look at Brazil. 

Brazil is holding on by a squeaky hinge along with hope and prayer. That country is the last Democratic hold out in South America.  Blinken was over there for what?  To make sure the CIA and deep state keep the people and military in line for Brazil to be consumed into the uni-party. 

I have to wonder is the meeting in Mexico a meeting on how the merge of North America will go?  I can’t help wonder what the timeline they think this can be done in; however, I will pray we can at least slow this on coming train down a bit and keep a hold through 2024 elections. Elections being a long way from now, I’m taking it one day at a time.

There are two requests, Fallon and Biggs separately, to impeach Myorkas, the border King to be dropped in the next day or so.

UN is providing cash and debit cards to encourage illegals to make the trip from where ever they decide to come to America.  That money is coming from our $$$ to Nato and there may also be more American money being detoured through tons of other charities Biden has funded.

There was one other thing, but honestly, isn’t this more than enough for the day….

I’m buckling up.  lol

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