I’m going to be pretty frank in this closet of mine.  I don’t expect anyone without a string crossing mine to find this on their journey, so it’s just me talking in an echo chamber unless, like I said, our threads intersect for a purpose.

Being a servant of the Lord, if that influences you in a negative way, I’m sorry, but you may or may not be here by accident OR INTENT.  So before you write off any references I make to the Lord, ask yourself this, can ya just not let that bother you and find the message that brought you here?  eh?

And another thing.

I’m very casual with my God and his son and all the Angels he’s sent me along my journey.  He’s never sent me anything but the best; however, I’ve made the choice many times to be foolish and chose the worst.  Ya can’t learn the lesson if ya don’t make the mistakes first.  Easy sailing is a falsehood until you make it so by intention; however, that is a post, not for NOW.

I was raised knowing there were three things we don’t speak of in public:

Ya don’t talk about:

#1 Politics – Listen, you could always start an argument that didn’t end well for anyone; up until recently it didn’t cost you your safety or friends and family.

#2 Religion- that’s another that can literally go up in flames in today’s current mood.

#3 Sex –  And well, I’ve danced around that a time or two, but I don’t see sex being the biggest topic on my bucket list.  I mean, for pity’s sake, I’m not young….NOT sayin I’m old either.

Just sayin’ there won’t be porn  …

As far as the other two topics, Yes, and there’s likely to be cussin from time to time. Ok, back up, more likely I would talk sex than religion, but, I DO KNOW FOR SURE, I came back to the closet with screaming about politics in mind.

I spend an enormous time with my family via messenger, the rest I spend in my head.  What you’ll find here is a combo of real life and what rolls through my head.

At this moment, I should be layin turkey slices on the dehydrator instead of ramlbin on and on about how you’ll have to put up with my attitude… or not

Oh and one other thing, I love life lessons, so there willrbe plenty of that and sorry if its not always a happy ending, life doesn’t work that way, does it?  …. UNLESS YOU CHOSE TO LOOK AT IT DIFFERENTLY… Then everything can be a silver lining/blessing.

I know why I’m here, not sure why you are, but maybe you’ll figure it out too.

Peace Out

Live, Laugh, Always with Love


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