Is it a re-run of the US election of 2020 or a warning to the remaining free countries and something we citizens in America should be paying more attention to so as to learn some important lessons?

One could simply look at what is currently going on in Arizona after the pending steal of the midterms there to understand what has happened in Brazil.  Flip flopping between occurrences is like one country holding a mirror on the other, almost identical events just names of players are changed as well as locations.

In one instance we evidently had a large part of the indigenous people excluded from mailed out ballots, but we also have electronic machines that tallied the votes, some worked, some didn’t, some that did work broke.  And when was all said and done, the cheaters won.

However, the Brazilian citizens have experienced Communism, Arizonians HAVE NOT!  Though I believe the whole of America is experiencing its vast and quick advancement, most must not see it.

Let’s back up to the election in Brazil. 

After a brief word or two or 20 to explain why a link is important, I expect you to do your homework and go read the article.  If not, then you are taking me at my word… Don’t trust someone else with what you should know.

12-09- President speaks out to public

12-08 New illegal pres issues statement detailing replacement heads of military.

12-07-  Military start killing cartel leaders and advise citizens to stock up gas, cash, food.

In the meantime

In pursuit of the steal  – It’s not new.  It’s not even new since 2014, but yet some were investigating, but yet again, being silenced for the steal?  Per Matt Tyrmand (find him on Twitter)


As of December 09, 2022, Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro has finally spoken to the people of Brazil.  Now we wait to see what happens.

Brazil leads the way to freedom now.  I pray for them to recover their country and will follow this to the resolution.

Peace Out
Live, Laugh, Always, with Love

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