Charlie Kirk, Republican Party campaigns – you both are guilty, so pay attention.  I know there are others, but I haven’t gotten entangled with them

I was in a group discussion with Marketers one day, the topic was how everyone needs an auto-responder to build a relationship with their prospective customers or potential business partners.

Throughout the entire conversation I kept thinking to myself how much I detest auto responder replies. 

Let’s say Bob is in the widget business.  I go to Bob’s site, look around and see some widgets but I’d like to ask a specific question like what colors do Bob’s widgets come in?

I click on “contact for more info” and proceed to ask about the colors.

In reply to my question, Bob’s auto responder kicks out the next email in the series of the marketing campaign and it tells me that widgets are on sale this week.

Did that answer my question about colors?  No.  So, I write again saying “Thank you for the email announcing your sale; however, what colors are available”.  That email prompts another in Bob’s series of auto-pilot auto responder promotional email.

While Bob is busy thinking his auto-pilot auto responder is building that relationship with me, I am getting frustrated with his lack of personal attention. 

Eventually due to Bob’s need to run his business on auto-pilot, I find another widget site, go through the process and buy my widgets … not a single autoresponder or advertisement ever hit my inbox, just BUSINESS.

10 days go by since I left Bob’s site, bought my widgets elsewhere, and here I am, still getting Bob’s unsolicited emails. I opt out I have no use for Bob and I hate spam email.

  If I’d hung around long enough batting back responses to Bob’s auto responder, Bob might have eventually paid some attention to the email coming back in and taken a more personal interest in addressing my specific needs.  I don’t know.  I’m not hopeful.

My point is, how can we talk about building relationships and automation in the same breath?  There is nothing automated about building real relationships in my most humble opinion and the relationship being built with my email account is most definitely not working out, especially when it’s being forced on me without consent.

On the other hand, I could set up my on own auto responder and see how many REAL people I can aggravate.  What do you think? 

It’s the same with robo dialers, but worse, really …

Two separate email pain nightmares of late:

Charlie Kirk
Republican Party campaign. 

I’m calling you  BOTH out for poor relationship building and endless angst in getting you to STOP spamming me.

Charlie, just because you ask me to “email me your opinion“, DOES NOT say —–    Please, I beg you to spam my email back without my permission. 

Nowhere on your site, hon, does it say.

“with your opinion on my show comes unlimited spam you didn’t ask for because some marketer wanted to make a buck on selling me an autoresponder and it sounded good, everyone HAS THEM!!”

It took 3 requests to opt out .. should have only taken ONE.   Yes, I know, you don’t sit there and click opt out 10 times in one day, no you have to give the 10 day cycle time ????

And YOU – Republican Party News… I didn’t input my email address on your site, I just viewed an article and the next day, I’m a subscriber?  You scraped my email address in your little cookies, you dastardly marketers.

No one follows the marketing/email regulations, but there are some… were some..  You should check into the LAWS on snatching email addresses.   The way to get around that is, every time you invite response, you should be letting them know you will be capturing their contact info and adding them to your list. 

Follow the law or at least look into it, eh?

Enough bitchin- 😉

Peace Out
Live, Laugh, Always, with Love

PS:  Just some extra reading –

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