I think I need a “fear porn” category because this throughout this entire world, we, the people are programmed to panic and be fearful at all the things we have done/created … whatever, that is now destroying something. First I think I will post the list of CRAP we managed to outrun or out live or out-LIE in  my lifetime and then I think I will just come back as I see more of this junk and just post the links.

YOU must decide how much is true and how much is by design.. by illusion.   The bottom line is,

It’s all about money, power and control.  They want the money, power and know many can be controlled by fear.

What I know about fear —

False Evidence Appearing Real.   That is fear.  Stick your hand through that cloud of smoke… you’ve been trained to think there’s a boogey man on the other side.. but — Is there really?

Please note that the Government has promoted these epic incidents and there has always been free flowing money to “study”, “prevent”, “curtail” …. BLAH BLAH BLAH….


Toxic Air: How Leaded Aviation Fuel Is Poisoning America’s Children

Now you are free to watch the entire video… I did not.

Today is the day I start listing NEW BS as it is released…

In the meantime ….

Peace Out
Live, Laugh, Always, with Love

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