Met a gentleman on Twitter, followed him and was really taken by his concern for his two young boys this morning.

Times have certainly changed since my generation.  My mother handed me a book and said, “read this”.  I wanted to go outside and play.  I looked at the pictures, waited a sufficient time and out the door I scooted, no more educated than when she made me stop playing.  

Anyway, back to NOW.  I’ve asked his permission to pose these thoughts and questions he has today, and I’ll share a link to the primary tweet. 

The question today is:  How would you handle this?


“As a dad of two boys, and in this strange world we live in, I’m starting this thread because I realized I have much to learn in teaching my boys about sexual attraction, appropriate behaviors, ages, whats acceptable and what is legal. I realize I know so little…

about state laws (which vary), and the wide array of differences between statutes.  I’d invite you to join and advise.  My youngest is 6, so I figure based on my own experience of having a first attraction at Age 10, and a first experience at age 13, I need to be prepared..(2/3)

For when these questions come up so I am available to advise.  I was never taught any of these things from my parents and I want to break this cycle. I am not willing to let my boys fly by the seat of their pants and figure it out on their own so I’ll ask and hope for feedback.

So from what I read this morning, in Renaissance times the age of consent for a girl and boy was commonly 12 and 14, respectively… marriages often were planned early but did not come to fruition until mid 20’s.  This is a common error where many think marriages happened young.

It’s interesting that the age of consent was lower then, and yet kids reached puberty 2 or 3 years later then they do today.  So, my first question is… if your child has his first attraction and asks you at (ex: Age 10), do you address it immediately and if so, how?

2nd question. A boy and girl are say both 13 years old. Other than obvious risks of pregnancy, legally, what trouble can they get into other then consequences from their parents?

3rd. Why is it legal (or is it) for a 16 year old to have sex with a 15 year old, but if an 18 year old has sex with a 15/16 year old it is considered criminal?  Was the basis for this an arbitrary line between adulthood and childhood?”

I’ve got no answers myself, so if you do, go chat with Christian.  Brainstorming is the best solution and keeps us from living in an echo chamber… like I do… lol

That’s all I have to say.

He’s listening… tell him what you think

Thank you, Christian, for letting me share your tweet.

Peace out

Live, Laugh, Always with Love


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