Jan 2023 We have discovered through the Twitter drops that America’s governmental deep state department has “officially” paid Twitter to manipulate the narrative presented to the world via Twitter.  The receipts are there, $3+++ Billion paid to Twitter for “employee time”.  Likely there is more and every media outlet got a share of any money made off the silencing of the opposition and the truths they indevoured to share with the world.

I’d call that appalling and will hope that investigations will be quick in getting started. 

It has taken 9 drops of the “Twitter files” to get us here.  No doubt there are countless more communications available, but I for one sit in waiting for our dearly beloved Dr. Fauci’s hand to be shown in this systematic, well planned narrative involving Covid.

After a week of having announced “Fauci Files” would drop, we still wait. This makes me wonder…..

Is there too much “truth” in the Fauci files for Elon Musk to release?  I expect it throws too many under the bus of guilt, fraud, coercion, money laundering? Considering the deep state’s manipulations, is it too dangerous to expose?


What would be the best scenario is that investigating and corroborating could be taking longer?  Do theses writers and journalists do any outside investigation?  I don’t know.

What I do know is that as much as some would love to see the Epstein list dropped in all this communication confirming the corruption of not only our leaders but the leaders all around the world, I think it is equally if not more important that we know just how deep and who agreed to potentially poison the citizens of the world by using us all as test subjects, human guinea pigs.

What might be the most ideal situation would be for the investigating come from Congress or the Senate, call Mr. Musk into court with his attorneys and get the information that way.  Not revealing documents says as much in the form of hiding the truth as showing the actual truth. 

When you think about just what this really means… it’s sickening….. but I believe it is real, so I wait.

Peace Out
Live, Laugh, Always, with Love

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