Despite rigged elections Nov 2022, Republicans gained enough seats to actually hold the majority in the House while they let the cheat deseat them in the Senate.  Yes, election denier here. I don’t want the detour but would wager a decent amount of country wide recounts proved remarkable fraud.  Anyway, with that aside, here we are.. Republicans have taken the House.

History was made after the house going 15 votes before allowing Kevin McCarthy to take the Speaker’s Chair.  All of the voting can be found on cSpan which is where I watched it live. 

How many deals did it take for McCarthy to garner that office he had already moved in to?

I suspect those will take time to unravel/play out, but I am proud of the ones who held out.  Yes, I would have forced them to more voting, but 15 times, that’s a good start.

Say what you like but America will be doing a bit of trembling for a while as we hopefully adjust.  This country cannot go on as it has or we will end up like Brazil. 

Imagine only 20 elected actually did what they promised to do…….  I’m going to pray that those 20 continue to hold the rest of the House accountable.. we will see, eh?

Peace Out
Live, Laugh, Always, with Love

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