Realized this afternoon that within the constructs of Twitter character limitations, it took less than 5 tweets to describe Nat’s entire last two years of her marriage.

Yeah according to her diary there WERE other things, but she actually was caught saying these things on Twitter.


So I went to find the posts… shhhhh, I did… so be quiet… Here’s how the rest went….

Exactly and the pisser was, 18 years into the marriage, I’m teaching the ex how to get his own money out of the atm instead of me doing it for him. Child left at 18.

Took two years for him to learn to shop and do the card thing. I enjoyed not having to go the the store 😉 but the expenses were higher. (Kid in the candy store syndrome) Eventually he grew up …

Moved to the 5th wheel in back yard and then courted my 2nd best friend. It was time to leave the scene when he thought I WOULD MOVE to the trailer and THEM take the house. IDIOT? NO! NOT HAPPENING. I packed up went back home to Texas… the end of bizarre

LOL, that Nat  😉    What a way to describe a marriage, eh  and on social media of all places… However, I do know it is true, so….. I just laugh …. laugh… laugh…

Don’t know what to say from here other than I don’t think Nat worries about what he’s been doing since then as much as he thinks she does/did.  I’m also pretty sure he would not like how she views those last 2 years….. so….. I just laugh …. laugh… laugh…  some more.

I only share these embarrassingly funny moments because not everyone lives the same life just cause they get married live in house, have children, pets … whatever…   HOWEVER, I bet Nat is not the only one who always wants to find the happier side of “changes”.

It’s all in how you look at it as to whether you laugh or cry.  I suggest laughter, it’s more up beat and helps the heart.

Peace Out
Live, Laugh, Always, with Love

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