Truth, Justice and the American way … as it is – Communism creeping in.

Thinking back, up until Donald Trump started calling it out, no one that I recall talked about all the FAKE News, least wise where the common person heard it. 

Fake news, lol.  It really isn’t news anymore, it’s opinions,  lies, fluff, entertainment pieces aimed to please the reader while keeping them sublimely in the dark.  Sadly it’s mostly scripted to be repeated/reported by all major outlets being sure to use key words which I’ll deal with on another day.

Fact Checkers- yet another method of keeping the lazy people in the dark.  I have stories about fact checkers but not for today.

Fake news, fact checkers and the stories the Government puts out….  I never gave any thought to legalities of lying once Clinton remained in office after perjuring himself, more than once, I might add. Even worse, there is more about our government I did not know.

Hello, Smith-Mundt Act
US Information and Educational Exchange Act of 1948

Public Law 80-402, 62 Stat. 6

Passed Congress/Enrolled Bill: Jan 27, 1948.

Eightieth Congress of the United States of America

At the Second Session  H. R. 3342

I’m only going to give a broad summary of the Smith-Mundt Act of 1948.  It dealt with disseminating information abroad.  This is not the lazy reader’s blog, go get an idea of that that was about for yourself.  You may find my broad summary poor, at which point, tell me, well make it less broad. 

In Obama’s second term 2012 he opened the door by broadening/modifying that act via a Bill submitted

H.R.5736 — 112th Congress (2011-2012)


I did not even realize we had a Disinformation website, but here it is.

Of all things to see on the front page, is a word or two about truth and other wisdom from our infamous lying resident President.


I’d suggest you visit the Gov site and get an idea of all the information you are missing.  I cannot attest to its accuracy since I am now forced to question EVERYTHING and doubt 99.999999999999999% of what comes out of a politician or media source.

Misinformation – Disinformation-Fake News –  ——- Does it matter how we got here?  To me it matters in that I realize just how well thought out this midnight coup was and how it took years to quietly, stealthily put things in place to slowly but surely control the narrative to a full control of the people and country.

December 02, 2022

Elon Musk has shifted the goal post of disinformation. He had said upon taking over of Twitter in November, that he would expose the censorship for what it was and restore free speech.

On Dec 02, he made the official announcement it would start.



Why this is relevant, if you haven’t been keeping up or have come in  in the middle of whatever is about to take place from here, the relevance is… the drop involved collusion between the social media site and government officials to #1 censor the Hunter Biden Laptop Story (get the book or audio-it will drop your jaws-more than once) Btw, I’m not an affiliate for Amazon or any other organization, but if concerned, just google “Laptop From Hell”.  I am sure you will find it.


#2 Prevent the American people who pay SOME attention to what was going on from finding out that Joe Biden, the man being installed into the White House in the upcoming election, was indeed, taking money from China and Ukraine, and about the sex and drugs and other crimes.

The funds are too comingled and the evidence is strong enough in just the book’s receipts that came from Hunter himself.

Six years ago I knew we had dodged a bullet when, by the grace of God, Donald Trump stood up and said “give me a chance.  Let’s make America Great again.”   He also said “the swamp is deep…. don’t need to know … just need to clean it up.”

He called out the media; he called out the criminals in the White House, he called it all out… and the rest of the Government continued to lie and accused him of lying.

It really shouldn’t be this way, folks.

I pray for change and a light at the end of the tunnel… I would hope I will see it. 

Lying to the people who elected YOU to represent us is not acceptable.   I believe with all my heart we will right this America of ours, but we’ve got to fix this as we go.

Some say ‘you can’t go back’  – in this case, we need to

Truth, Justice and the American way … as it was before Communism tried creeping in.

Peace Out
Live, Laugh, Always, with Love

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