Not a single one of them, at least left leaning outlets,  NO ONE REPORTS ON THE NEWS. 

What ticked me off this morning was turning on the tv for NEWS.  I’ll name the station.  It was Newsmax and it was their morning show.  I was messing around in the kitchen and within a matter of 10 minutes, I had learned nothing but a bunch of gossip.

I’m beginning to realize why I HATE  “News” –
  what I heard was stupid questions. 

Do you think there is something fishy with the elections?  Why would they  take so long to finish counting?  Is there something wrong with the system?

 Gag me with a stik.. What am I listening to you for?  Quit dancing around the truth.

YES! But I don’t just think they cheated, they’re still not through.  It’s Monday and we don’t know what’s what in Arizona, Washington ……

Stop asking things everyone already knows.  Makes it look like you are the last one to know.  You’re supposed to TELL US what you found out through Investigation, not sit there and quiz us on what we know. 

I’m sick of being entertained by media.  Tell me something smart, cause you look stupid.

We, The people, better start demanding the media go DO their jobs.  Find the TRUTH – tell us.

The best way I can think of, at this moment, is a national campaign to CALL or Twitter every Media outlet, same day.. until we crash their systems.

The message is simple and the time involved, 15 minutes of your lifetime for the day?  What?  That’s 15 minutes away from twitter or your video game, TikTok (the open China spy site) or whatever it is that keeps you cozy and comfortable and bitching about things you aren’t willing to do something about.

The message:  Start reporting facts or we don’t need you.

Lets not get muddled with whether the threat is real or not.  Evidently we have a political party threatening the news media to report one way or else.  Seems they are doing a good job of getting what they expect.

Guess what… they may have the money, but we’re the audience and we are more in number than they are…… THINK ABOUT THAT

There are MORE of US than THEM. … why are we ACCEPTING what they are delivering?  That’s like accepting 11 good eggs out of 18 that you bought.  It’s not right.

We’re losing our voice because we aren’t using it enough where it matters.  Let’s find where it matters, eh?

Let’s Talk about solutions!  Sheesh.

I’m listening… tell me…

Peace out

Live, Laugh, Always with Love


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