Integrity: The Courage to Meet the Demands of Reality by Dr. Henry Cloud

The subtitle reads:

“How six essential qualities determine your success in business”

the subtitle of the book, Re: “business”, is totally incorrect.  It should say

How six essential qualities determine your success in life”

I found this while struggling as a leader of an organization in 2011, not a business, though had done that too, wish it had been written in the 1990’s. Since owning “Integrity”, I’ve read it at LEAST 6 times, yes, each time it has been like reading a new book.

I pulled “Integrity” out yesterday and then again this morning,  playing Russian Roulette both times. Just close my eyes, open to any page.. what does it say?  Two days in a row I have done this, eyes closed, no idea what was in store.  Each selection, that random choice felt not so random as I started reading the page the book opened up to. 

I stopped questioning things like this back in 2003 when I managed to drive 18 miles on gas fumes and have the vehicle collapse on empty as I rolled into the gas station.  (yet another story,  another day)

This book is a gift God must have thought I would need the rest of my life to remind me where integrity lies every day. I know this is true because though I bought the book, it wasn’t what I thought I was looking for, I ended up with it because integrity is high on my list and facing reality and responsibility for our actions is also.

I thought I would read it at some point.  I never realized I would read it at least 6 times over 7-8 years. lol I only have one other book I read as frequently. 

That’s another story of God bringing me what I didn’t know I needed until it was there in my lap staring at me. Evidently he must have thought I wasn’t getting the message in the Bible all the time so maybe others could help, saying “you need help, girl, read this, will ya?”

Recently I culled all my books from over the years down to 3 for space.  Integrity sits in the middle..

I’d sit and explain all the things I would want someone to get out of it but we probably aren’t seeking the same thing. I didn’t know I was seeking it myself, not everyone is going to know, look at me.  hehehehe

It’s a guide to life and relatable to the inter-personal relationships of day to day, in the job (if you want a promotion, read this book and learn to communicate in ways that create positive actions), in the kid’s after school organizations, church groups, online social media, the office water cooler and yes, what it was written for, “business”.

Consider the book.  Some people say the only bad book is one we did not pickup and read, right?

Peace out


Economics From a High Schooler

I got an update recently in my understanding of economics from a high schooler young man (employee) who was watching the self-check in between convos with someone on his phone.

I looked at my receipt, the 16oz pretzels I absolutely love from HEB used to be somewhere around $1.98.  Walmart was just around $1.00 then, but there’s some secret addictive, Bill Gates designed bug that makes HEB mini twists far superior to me.

Flash forward, my pretzels are 15 ounce for $2.06. Shrink-enomics at its finest.

Whatever look was on my face, I have no idea, but it prompted the kind young high schooler to want to offer me comfort.

“Don’t worry, ma’am, the Government has lots of money, they will send you some.  It’s free.”

Who taught this child this? No one told me. I was told I had to work for it if I wanted it. I feel discriminated against as a senior.

I get the feeling the Government has been deceiving me. I should get out more. No telling what else I don’t know. It’s worrisome.

Peace out,


Ironies of Life

I read many books from 2003 to current, many that repeat the same theme.

You are what you eat.

“You’re the average of the five people you spend the most time with,” I remember hearing first from Jim Rohn.

You become what you think.

I noticed the trend….I was at the scene of each crime.  Problem was I didn’t read the books or hear the speakers until I was well into my 50’s.

My first 2-3 years back in Texas were harder than the other two times I had totally started over from scratch.  I can’t think of anything that becomes easier as one ages; just more challenging and takes longer and includes naps for some. smh   lol  Sometimes it was brutal, grueling, now water under the bridge, more life experiences I have a lot of appreciation and laughs over looking back.

Sitting out on the steps of where I ended up during that time I got so frustrated what I saw of my life was this bag lady, pushing a grocery cart down the side of the road with two adorable pups, picking up cans.  I saw myself as a  “Bag lady”.  This was never in my plans all those years.  Yet, two years I planted that seed in my brain.

For crying out loud, now you tell me I will really end up becoming what I was thinking…. oh oh… why does it seem Jennifer is always the last to find out?  SMH

Stay with me ….  In an extreme twist of fate, using my music skills I had explored for the previous 20 years, I survived, life went on and I forgot that seed I had planted.  Today when I look back, I would not have traded or changed a day, event…. NOTHING.  I can only be grateful for the opportunity to learn the lessons and skills.

Fast forward to 2016ish.

I started ripping up jeans and camo pants to make purses with way too many pockets.  If that’s what I wanted most in a purse, surely one other person would be as OCD and they would find me, sort of the “build it and they will come”.

They came 60 times.  Yes, over a period of 3-4 years, I sold 60.  One customer bought 7 in total, each time swearing she was giving this one away. Her friend is still waiting and I  have tucked the machines in a corner of the closet, I lost the inspiration for now.

But before I tucked that art away again for later, my younger sister, mother and I were sitting at mother’s table.  I was showing them both this crazy idea on a design and my sister pops out and says:

“Yeah, Jennifer became our bag lady”

Talk about ironies….and after I stopped laughing so hard, I explained why I was acting like a laughing lunatic and now in near tears.  It was TRUE!  I had become the bag lady after all.

Let this be your warning…. what we think doesn’t always come back in the way we would expect, but it does come back if given enough time…  That’s either ironic – or Karma  –

Mental check – what are you thinking about you?  Make it good thoughts, those are the safest.  😉
Peace out

If you want to see how pocket OCD I am, you’ll have to go to YouTube search for @fromjenniferscloset1411

Are the Days of Warm Fuzzies Really Gone?

Some time last year I saw some hyped up meme (I hope it wasn’t true and never did any deep-dive research on it) that talked about rewriting classics to suit the easily offended of the 2020’s.

I used to trust Wikipedia as a good, quick source for somethings. I’ve actually witnessed going back to an article to find it now has an entirely different biased feel to me.

It also seems to be ok to change the definition of things to keep a small group of people with very large megaphones from being offended.

There again, my own reaction shows my bias; please do not think I always think down the middle.  It makes me wonder when I try looking from both sides; however …….

How long will it be before they edit “The Little Rascals” black and white TV series removing our beloved Buckwheat, replacing in all scenes with some sort of walking sign that says something like “this character has been removed as to not offend the woke and DEI societies”. Set our Buckwheat Free, they scream, get him off that tv show.  SMH

They removed Aunt Jemima out of sensitivity concerns, didn’t they? I bought her stuff because she stood for something warm and wonderful. Sorry, folks, a search for what it is post WOKE does not bring me warm fuzzies… It convinces me to stop being lazy, just grab the ingredients, make it myself and maybe also have a final product with less insects and what-not than in their box.


My, the times have changed, it’s not appearing to be all warm and fuzzy, ya know what I mean, bean?

I have to say, I find their thinking offensive and I am NOT easily offended.

Peace out and don’t you dare take Buckwheat away; I’ve already had enough of this foolishness up past my eyeballs.


The BEST Sweet Cornbread

I can honestly say there’s not  a single thing really healthy about this cornbread recipe, except maybe the eggs, but there again, that depends on what school of thought you come from on eggs.  However, I wanted to share it with you…

Because ……

It’s quick,

It’s simple,

it’s delish,

………. and if you ever invite me over and expect me to eat cornbread,  this is the only way I’ll eat it.  LOL

Oh and if yo make it, people will demand it in the future… trust me.

Here is what you need:

1 Box Jiffy Cornbread Mix
1 8oz container sour cream (lite works as well as the full fat/regular type sour cream)
4 eggs

Mix all ingredients in a bowl, pour into an 8×8 greased cake pan. Cook according to instructions on box.

It’s great with chili, soups, and any or dish you would normally serve with cornbread.  I even had a guest crumble it up and put it in milk for a dessert one time.  That guest was Dale McClary, a great square dance caller from Florida.

I have to confess, I’d never seen that done, but he gave my cornbread rave reviews once it went into the milk.

Peace Out

Live, Laugh, Always, with Love